Project umbreakable

project umbreakable is a tumblr campain and i found it very intereseting to look through. it is a collection of photographs of victems of sexual abuse and assult, holding quotes from there attackers. i found this to be extreamly effective because alot of the quotes you expect to be disgusting and crude however you found that alot of the time they where actually quite loveing endeering in a different situation but its actually quite disturbing, things like “i love you” and “you know i wouldnt hurt you”.

it is based on an artist called Gillian wearing’s work (conceptual artist); she is potentally the first person to showcase this idea to the public. in her collection of films and photographs Birmingham, 1963. they are now featured in the tate gallery. she wanted to showcase”signs that say what you wanted them to say, not what someone else wants you to say”.

wearing was one of the YBAs (young brittish artists) a  late 1980s artistic movement, that captivated the youth and revolt attetude at the time.  they where a group of artist of wich many graduated with a BA Fine Art course at goldsmiths, they are know for their “shock tactics”, use of throw away materials, wild-living, and an attitude.

she was a winner of the annual British fine arts award and a Turner Prize, in 1997.

project unbreakable  was created by a woman calld claire brown in october 2011 and was only supposed to have been a short project. however after photographing 200 people she have began recieveing thousands of sumissions from outside sources. what  i loved about the site is that although the biggest persentage of victems where women, they didnt forget the pain that it can cause to a man to be the victem too.


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