Animation summer project – Hayo Miyazaki-

Date of birth: 5th of January 1941  Born in: tokyo japan

despite his artistic career, miyazaki did not in fact study the arts; he has a degree in political sciences and economics. he started working as an animator for Toei douga in 1963. he was respected for his exceptional drawing skills and seemingly endless pool of quality ideas and plots, he became involved in many early Japanese animation. due to his degree and clear interests m nature and ecology he often refers to this in his work stylistically and  also through issues he explores in the stories; how humanity effects the environment  pollution ect, a massive example of this is “naussica of the vally of the wind”.

miyazki’s career boomed, in 1971 he began working got pro studios with isao takahata and then in 1973 he got his big break at Nippon animation studios where he became a household name in tv animation. his first directing role was for the series “future boy Coran”(1978)  he worked here for the  next 5 years. in 1979 miyazaki joined Tokyo movie shinsha and got to direct his first feature length animated film “the castle of cagliostro” in 1979.

Studio Ghibli -(sutajio Jiburi)

with the creation of studio ghibli, mikazaki and his friends takahata and Toshi suzuki had fun creating many critically acclaimed movies. Perhaps the most famous being the 1997 picture “princess mononoke”.

Princess mononoke won the Japanese equivalent, to an academy award for best film and was the highest grossing domestic grossing Japanese film in there history at the time of its release (150 million uk dollars). he is often referred to as the “walt disney of japan”  but he hates this! and he is good friends with pixars john lassitter.

what i love about miyazaki’s process to his ideas is that he bases all his characters are based on real people, especially people he knows or have been in contact with- for example chihiro is based on the daughter of one of his friends, not only looks but personality as well.

he is also an anglophile which you can see in his collective work: this is someone with an obsession with  British culture which features regularly in his work or  based on a British book, for example howls moving castle.

There was a time where Studio ghibli’s fantastic adventures where not available for american and British audiences. This was due to the disrespectful way in which the film “nausicaa of the valley of the wind” dubbed and distributed in English  it was roughly cut 20/30 minutes at a time, the films themes where diluted down and characters names where changed. This broke miyazki’s heart and he refused to sell the distribution rights to those who wouldn’t agree to follow the strictest of rules on translation and they are forbidden to remove any scenes. Eventually walt disney studios agreed to these terms and conditions and began steadily releving his films since.

A large portion of miyazaki’s movies are based on other peoples work however he has a unieque ability to transform these stories and make them his own beautiful renditions. He has an ability to portray heavy hitting messages in a beautiful and entertaining way. as well as the ability to show a fun and free adventure or children that is appropriate but in some way is still as  entertaining for us older ones. his work covers every generation and is timeless.


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