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Amanda Palmer: agony aunt ‚Äď your problems answered

So it was the first ever Lecture for my Design and Enterprise Moduel today and one of the biggest things we where suggested to look up was Kickstarters, I plan on doing alot more reserch on this but Amanda Palmers name came up and she is one of my favourite artists so i thought id mention her here until ive done more reserch, heres a taster of the personality of Amanda Palmer! :

Wonder Woman Volume 1

Synopsis of the story:

Wonder Woman, Diana Princess of the Amazons is fabled for her Pure birth, “wonder woman is a perfict amazon — no male seed created her”. ¬†But as the gods, lie, cheat and Plot Diana’s life is turned upside down.¬†Now she lives to Protect a mortal woman – Impregnated but the all mighty zeus – from the wrath of a woman scorned.

Why I loved it: 

WonderWoman-06-InternalArt1The imagery in the opening with the eary Appolo tells the readers exactly what to expect with this series; you watch as he assumable “murders” three bimbos, and then manipulate their carcasses so that he may gaze into the future. There is nothing ordinary about this series, i have not read in my short time as a collector read a comic that is more horror in story than superhero. and it is a cocktail of flavors that i really love.

In this day and age the lack of good female charters are no longer a issue. Wonder Woman was the first ¬†female superhero, and therefore has earned the right to a good run. I¬†found the story deferentially dose her justice. Its exiting and emotional – from Diana’s Relationship with her mother, to the heartbreaking story with Zola ¬†and her unborn child there are plenty of characters to rout for. What is so Fascinating about this story is that you find yourself (it might just be a girl thing) Relating to the scornful unclad Hippolyta too!

one thing that made me smile was the integration of Greek mythology into the Language, look and story of the book without rubbing it in our faces as a reader (most of the time). the play on words during conversations between the gods just made me smile!

the only real criticism i have for This Volume is not  the fault of the volume but a fault of mine. I found the story very fast paced and at times too quick moving. because I read this story as a book rather than issue by issue, the dramatic cliffhangers lost there drama slightly. you would be shocked by information and rather than savoring and stewing in that knowledge until the next issue, you find yourself hurriedly turning the page desperate to find out what happens next. I am under no illusions that if I had been collecting this title over monthly release this process would have been dragged more.

The Art:

The art for wonder woman at first glance seems average, and common. however the “dirty” bold lines really reflect Wonder Womans Powerful presence in her story, as well as the horror-esque ¬†style plot line.
The colours are well chosen to represent the mood of Wonder Woman, and the themes of the story. 

I have to comment on the character designs in the book; just as mentioned before there is a clear (and obvious) connection to greek Mythology, however it presented to the reader in a fresh and quite frankly beautiful way.

Do I recommend it?:

For all readers, this is a fantastically written, moderate horror genre. with a solid story.  But as a girl I would recommend this to any girl looking to breaking into comic books, but want a strong female protagonist to follow.

(HINT)  Р note the subtle placing on Trinity war hints?! Yes i know its a little late, but see if you can spot her?

I Kill Giants By Joe Kelly and LM Ken Miimura

Life Span: July 2008 – January 2009

Genre: Personal Comic
Publisher: Image Comics

Synopsis of the story:

In a Nut shell I kill Giants portrays the story of a young misfit whom has taken it upon herself to battle with the evil of this world with her little hammer¬† “Coveleski”, Barbra is a teenager whom due to Home and school issues uses escapism to deal with her heartbreaking situation.

Why I loved it:

at first glance “I Kill Giants” is a clear cut fantasy book, with the usual manga Archetype:

lone misfit teenager set to save the world. But it is SO much more than that.
The main character Barbra has a very clear, realistic character development. Initially, she whole heartily believes in her fantasies, as dose the reader. However as Information is slowly revealed to us about her situation, you begin to question whether or not it is a fantasy or if she truly dose battle Monsters.

Joe Kelly uses the characters around Barbra really well to build an understanding of the world that Barbra is trying to escape from : on one side is her frustrated sister who is charged with caring for her. the caring child counselor who humor her fantasies in order to help barbra, despite not believing her, i feel that she is the most understanding of the supporting cast.

The Bully, a monster in herself Kelly. Whom¬†actively tries to break the¬†fantasy¬† for Barbra and her “best friend”¬†Sophia.
ophia is used to reveal information to the reader, at first she believes that Giants exist, as dose the reader. Alongside her we revel in Barbra’s stories of giants and baseball hammers (you ll get it if you read it!) ,¬†However when Kelly reveals the Catalyst of the story, she as well as the reader begins to question the reality of what Barbra is up to.¬†

The Art:

the artwork is the main thing that drew me to this Novel, I¬†just love the designs. Niimura was right not to use too realistic of style, it means you get lost in the fantasy of the tale. The¬†Cute and Kitchy style, combined with the rough application and black and white colouring, means that the story’s serious themes are not lost to the fun spirit of the style.

Do I recommend it?:

ABSOLUTELY, but be ready with tissues, i know¬†I’ve¬†been vague, but¬†that’s¬†because i¬†don’t¬†want to ruin the story for you!!

5/5 Stars!